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Mistress of Hell

within the fires of hell,
souls screamed bitter blood,
the air a shade of darkness,
would pause and listen
for a breath that whispered
faith and parise of lord,
or dared to think of peace
in moments between punishments;

that one soul is her prize
to be broken again and again
with whatever means she like,
however long it takes,
there is just no escape
from her bottomless pit of desire,
where neither mortals survive,
nor gods dare to pass by.

that’s the kind of soul
lord sends to set her free
from the evil that shadows her,
to feed passionate fires
into her icy cold heart,
breaking past her words,
like hugs of a small child,
to make a seat in heaven,
she walked out aeons ago.

wave theory. .

today i wanted to be a wave. The one passing through loved souls, leaving colors behind. And now i wonder if those colors take something away from me or the soul ? Will the wave havd a mind or heart ? Both ? Or none ? Where will the search of home lead this wave ? Will it ever rest or like me stay active at odd hours feeding on darkness within my heart. Where do waves rest ? Or souls like mine ? Do they just stop feeling, lose colors, fade ? Will i . . Well lets leave some questions unsaid. .

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#5lines collection for May challenge

There is beauty in modesty;
Its modest to surrender;
there is modesty in beauty
Its beautiful to surrender;
Surrender modestly Oh beautiful !



Written for May Challenge by Ava [Day 15] , May2011 Int’l 5 lines poetry Month , Sunday Scribbling

~ ~

Proud , submissive
moulding breaking forming
It changes as it charges ahead;



Written for May Challenge by Ava [Day 16] , May2011 Int’l 5 lines poetry Month

A lonely soul

NaPoWriMo Day#6 prompt was “Ekphrastic Poetry” . I had always wanted to write on a musical prompt to see how much I can engage myself in a musical piece. After listening to many videos , this one caught my attention and so the following lines were crafted –



In land of mortals,
I walked proud and tall,
smiles in my pockets
butterfly dreams to walk.
In lanes of beauty
I grew without care
till my soul hummed,
and sang happy tales.
Devil incarnate
you set your eyes on me
trapped in neither world
I was doomed to be.
a long time you took
to set the traps right
was it not hard on you,
to burn in the same fire!
stripped of all logic
In dungeons my soul rot
day by day it sank deeper
scared to see any hope.
I dreamed of you still
feeding on the sole desire,
to taste your pain once
and breath into your fire.
To whisper in your ears
words that were unknown
to be punished severely
for sins i only thought.
did i amuse you enough
or were you hurt as much
from the idea of my love
from the passion in my touch ?
Since the day you vanished
I wonder why you left me so,
mending, hurting, bleeding,
a lonely heart,a battered soul.