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“You should always reach for the stars , if you want to end up with some stardust at least”, her mother’s voice echoed in her head as she watched him walk out of the door , not for the first time but perhaps the last if she could not convince herself of the flaws in this philosophy.

With every step he took away from her, the pain in her head intensified , reaching the nape of her neck and spreading to her limbs gradually. The tears came next , uninvited yet relentless in their expression of disappointment at her actions , or the lack of it.

At end of the hallway , he paused and turned towards the picture that hung on the left wall; their first date in the old coffee house that did not exist anymore, maybe like their patience for each other’s limitations; he thought to himself and instinctively touched the photo where their hands met each other.

“I am sorry,but I can not promise you the stars anymore when I do not even trust the land to let me stand unharmed any more.”, he said softly before looking into her eyes with a new resolve. “But you will always rule the underground as my queen and I promise the skies are not any less pretty there even if devoid of stars or star dust; you can hang some of our love to light up the nights if needed”, he said and wished to her to not let him go , one more time ; one last time.


Written for Six Sentence Story Prompt : Reach

The prince , the fairy and stars

In far away lands ,In middle of a blue-green lake, sat an island which liked a footprint in the lake. In this island lived a prince with his few friends. And when I say friends , I do not mean other people, but the stars that he could see from roof of his palace. The moon was the appointed guardian of his friends whose well-being the prince asked daily before settling to gaze at the stars. Each night a fairy visited the prince and together they sat talking of the stars , the star-dust from which people were made , the star light that gave life to the fairy , the moon and his different faces , of the dark nights when moon went visiting his friends in other side of the sky , the new friends that the prince saw some nights. And so passed many seasons in this little known island.

One day , the prince could not come on the roof. He was unable to even leave his bed. The cold wind made him tremble so his servants closed the windows too. No star was seen to the prince. The fairy was forbidden from entering the palace by her queen so she waited on the roof like always. Days passed and the prince could not go out. The stars started falling hoping the prince would notice. The fairy whispered songs to the winds but the closed windows failed all the attempts. Finding them so sad , a magician decided to help. He converted the roof into a glass one so that prince could look at the stars from his bed and the fairy could look at him dreaming.

the prince was very happy. His smile made the fairy realize how much she loved him. she shed her wings that morning and never returned to her land. Entering the palace with hopes and dreams, she kissed the prince and passed her last wishes to him. The prince was cured immediately and till date , they both sit at the roof and share the day’s tales with the stars , their first and best friends.

This story is specially written for a dearest friend and the perfect dreamer I know !