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Small Stone : Day 1-4/365


2013-01-01 11.11.05

colorful UNO cards ,
compete with dull grey skies ,
friends having fun.

Egg and bread ,
you and me; best partners;
feeding each other

many unread emails,
sorted into meaningless some folders,
work still remains

my dirty socks
stay glued to the shoes ,
both need wash


Form is inspired by dVerse. Form : Collom Lune.

Written as a part of

I gather my thoughts #smallStone #aros (day 5,6,7,8)

your lips on my head ~
bond of love i wanted ~
bond of care i cherish

Pages will turn tonight
your memories will burn in peace
I forgive the hurt

the flowers bought
but delivered not
still smell of her

Brilliance of dreams
shine in her sleepy eyes today;
she was in his arms


Also linked to G-Man’s Friday flash55

Smiles – today , that day : Stone#10 #aros

I woke up smiling today.
Which made me think of the reason.
It wasn’t a dream – It was a memory it seems.
Memory of a guy stopping his car in front of me, roll down the window and say “You got a pretty dress on !. It suits you well”.
And then he went away before i could even say thank you or make anything of what happenned.
And then i had smiled.
The same way I woke up smiling.
And then i remember telling you of this incident one day.
And you had smiled the same way as that guy, and said “You always look pretty to me”.

Smiles & Tears : Stone#9 #aros

When i started this post, i was feeling literally on cloud 9 ! After a long long time I let myself go free, have a great conversation and just be myself – Nothing new for you ? Neither for me except that I did that in company of a wonderful person I met the first time !It was bliss beyond words.

But the smiles have faded. A sense of loss shrouds my heart. Its weird how some people become a part of your life without intending. How losing them suddenly chokes you. He did not know me but i feel i did. I adored him as much i respected him. May his soul rest in peace. The sky stole a star from the world.

Hate you time : Stone#8 #aros

You time, fate and blah blah …
why the hell you can not let my thoughts rest !
Every time i  gather and sort them and bind them with sense, you have to come and explode right in the middle of it !
Now don’t dare say that I should be happy with what i get, yeah, try that tonight on me and you are doomed !
Of course I am glad to go with life’s flow but will you please let me do that without throwing pebbles into my soul ?
I am ashamed and guilty I can not be happy even with my joys , forget about considering others ! Does that appeal you ?

Star in my sky : Stone#7 #aros

Each night i sleep, i am too tired to notice anything. I pull over the blankets to cover mw till my chin, hug my pillow and doze off in less than a minute. It wasn’t  much different last night except that when i was adjusting the pillow, and thinking of you, I saw a star outide the top window of my room. No matter in what way i turned my head, i could see the dark sky but no another star. Just this one shining upon me. I don’t know why i felt special suddenly, as if you smiled on me. And i slept soon, dreaming of your face in the star.

Will you be there tonight ?
I will be looking for you.

Miss you (not) : Stone#6 #aros

Your memory is not something I can’t ignore –
 I do not have that much spare time.

Your words are not what make me smile or cry –
Its the meaning behind them that matters.

Your actions speak nothing to me –
I carve for the reactions they fetched out of me.

Your lessons never were to my liking –
I just miss the feeling of being cared like that.

Your approval was something i seeked –
I no longer have the same beleif  on me.

You are not some one I can’t forget –
I do not want to forget you ever.

you are some one I wish i could forget –
I do not want to lose myself in the process.



 Written as a part of “A river of Stones

Praises : Stone#5 #aros

“You are the enigmatic one”

“You can make a moment interesting in life”

“Your happiness add smiles to others”

These and few more pearls of praise spill out of my memories – the most exquisite compliments any one ever gave me !
Sigh !
I string them now and then, bead upon bead into a hand held necklace; to chant them every time i lose myself among doubts.
Your words never let me down ; and in turn i promise myself never to let your compliments down !