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Am trying

“Am trying”
Its all i kept telling
slowly, half heartedly,
to the point of yelling..

“I tried”
that was all i could say
assertively, matter-of-fact-ly
for failing yet again.

“I promise to try hard”
I made it my motto lots time
but you never did believe me
that made it no easy in my life.

“Am trying”
Its all i can say right now
At least i accept the need to change
i just need to figure how.

Prompted @ One Single Impression


Try hard i do  to escape the past ~ to build for myself a new start

is it possible

to erase what i want ~ to have nothing for flashback ?

Prompted @ Sunday Scribblings


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Monument of Love

was he
to have build
“elegy in marble”

did he really act noble
when the men so skilled
lost hands for what was created
no love is this selfish;is it ?

(This poem is an experimental trial at mixing rhymes with syllables. by attempting rhyming pattern of abcddcba to the  syllable count of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.)

Prompted @ Sunday Scribblings and One Single Impression

Story behind the poem : Taj Mahal(Agra, India) is called the “elegy in marble” the tomb of Queen Mumtaz, build in her memory on orders from his husband, king Shah Jahan. There is also a rumor that the king got the hands of the artisans chopped off after the completion of Taj Mahal, so that no other such building could ever be built again.  More on this myth/tale here

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to let the words flow

another clean page

i see them reach other hearts

altering meaning for each

bliss beyond compare

a new post on blog.

Here i attempted to merge two haikus to make sense either read alone or as a poem.

Prompted @ Haiku Heights and Sunday Scribbling

And to add this felling is the fact that Radhika (her blog hyperlinked) presented me with this Award :

What i remember first thing about Radhika’s blog is her post Then (hyperlinked) . She has such briliance in her writing as if words align into sentence as per her desire !! Read her to be amazed and entertained like never before !!

As per the rules of theis award, i pass this to few of the bloggers i enjoy reading every week :

Brian , MoonWriter , Desert Rose , Leo , Jingle , Anthony , Buttercup , G-Man

Am sure i have missed few. Will add them later on.

(Awarded people  are supposed to please pass on this award to 4 (or more) bloogers )

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Words in my head

When love passes by you;

this storm has the fury;

to create its own way;

destroying you as it go

something new or someone dead.


(words by me, image source mentioned below)


I was just there

your thoughts passed by

your smile

healing my wounds

that your words left behind.


Appreciation heals

the oldest marks of rejection

not words,but your thought


Appreciate every

moment passing by your day

treat it like your best


This was one of the most random post i wrote here. Taking all prompts at once, letting them mix and compete with each other, and finally penning whatever won the fight in my mind. Please bear with me this week !

(Following image is not my creation. Adding it here since it goes with my sentiments )

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Prompted / submitted to OSI , sunday Scribblings , Haiku Heights , 6WS


“Face of faith changed for me”

Faith. The word inspires varies emotions in my heart , mind and soul. Faith on your family not to desert you; on the love you thought will never let you feel low;on the friend you never knew could make you cry so much;on yourself whose real power you never can fathom unless forced to.with every person, it changes its face, meaning and extent of its being between you and the concerned person. Strangely, it never leaves you even when broken. for long you keep searching reasons for its loss, searching for either excuses or ways to hurt it back. so where does this leave us ? when even you can betray the faith you have on yourself, what keeps faith living ? Answer is different to each individual.  for me, the faith people instill in me and keep on me keeps me working to preserve it. what keeps your faith safe ?

empty eyes;torn hearts;

faith only let life find place;

the resurrection.

Prompted @ Sunday Scribblings & 6 word Saturday

Submitted to OSI and Haiku Heights

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Imagining love

Again, with a new excuse, new hope,
building for me, a new resolve,
imaginary exchange
i create,for me,
wondering when,
i can stop

This is a dedication to every love that died being nurtured only by one of the two hearts involved.  The love that had to e buried half way through. The love that could be, but never was …

Prompted @ Sunday Scribbling

Submitted also to One Shot Wednesday

First learned Nonnet from Leo’s blog here

A letter from angel !

I knew you not more than your name

guess,even  for you it was the same;

yet you sent for me a letter that day

in times when fashion is to call or  mail.

Life was not treating me great, you knew

was it reason enough for that letter from you ?

With what authority did you decide to write

all those harsh realities and the inspiring lines ?

Was it your words or the faith you instilled in me

that i cleared all hurdles that came into being !

To that letter and you, i will forever owe

my first success, my pride for my first job.

You were the angel to me,not just that day

but every time i needed,your words were there.

all thanks to the letter you wrote to me

and the fact that it was well responded.

Prompted at OSI and Sunday Scribblings

Also submitted to One Shot Wednesday



(image credited to this page)

Preponderance of thoughts
and none to pen right now;
search or create the muse,
this has to be done,but how !

Life, love, pleasures and joys
don’t we all seek the same things
tears, disappointments and pain
of these too we are forced to sing.

Should dreams be kindled tonight
or memories be allowed to play,
should words paint a rainbow for me
or hopes will mercilessly be slayed.

Ah! this hopeless clutter of words
the entangled web of random moods,
they actually are a source of this poem
and it so seems,they prefer it this crude !

Prompted at

One Single Impression and Sunday Scribblings