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Kill or bake

The hands were once taught
to wield the power of pain
to torture each and all
that defame my master’s name.
But that was in the past
when the one to command
was as cruel as anyone could be
one who wanted to rule the world
by force of lot of dark magic.
I have no guilt of the tales old,
I did exactly what I was told.
But the new master now I have
he loves to cure and heal,
him I understand not yet
when he talks of only peace.
I only know I am bound to him
and can not refuse what he asks
since am forever bound to his will
but making bread is one hard task.
The dough must be done perfect
I must now know when its baked
and the flavors for seasoning,
just like I knew the ways to pain
And I must also learn to wait
for the bread to be soft and light
like once I was taught of torture,
of darkness ruling human mind
I sure like this new life of mine
And more the man who rules me
even if I have yet to show my care
except baking as good as him.

This poem is inspired by one of the character – The “Mord Sith” in the  “Sword of Truth” series am reading [ completed 5 books in last one year]

More about my fav Mord Sith – Cara

And here is a wall paper i found on internet [ did not know the book has inspired a TV series “Legend of the Seeker” ]

Inspired by Magpie Tales , March Challenge [ Day 23 – Bread , Day 24 – Magic ]

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