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#thankfulThursday – Health & the struggle for a good one !

Today’s thankfulThursday prompt was to be thankful for health. My first reaction was to laugh it off. Thankful for health ? Was it a joke for an obese person like me , who also does almost negligible workout and can binge eat at any stress trigger.
But wait , isnt the real purpose of this prompt is to ignore the negatives and for a moment thank God/life/yourself for whatever blessing you have ? Phew ! So let’s see,

  • I walk , talk , eat ,breathe , smile and sleep well.
  • I have no fatal disease right now.
  • I have some hormonal imbalances related to my weight but those can be fixed with diet and exercise.
  • I am quite flexible with yoga poses and I enjoy them thrice a week.
  • I have a good stamina to walk long distances, even if slow.
  • I have good skin and hair so far. And with my current focus on natural products , I feel they are feeling a lot better.

And as Becca asks us to check what needa our focus ? Slow change or no easy result can lead to obsession on problems alone , but it should not be my excuse for not trying for a solution. I have not given up on myself yet , coz if not I , who will push me to be a better , healthier version of myself ?

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#thankful Thursdays – A little Love for self

For years I stuck to my love for books and writing or my attempts at writing poetry as being the stuff I was so proud of ( I still am ). I can not be proud of them I realized one night as they are gifts to me. So I am now just so thankful, but not proud.
I had a careless to hateful relation with my body and hence some body image issues kept making appearances over the years. While earlier I blamed my own food habits and lazy lifestyle for it , I also learned that subjecting the body to torture will not give results either. Rather loving yourself and your body is what makes the difference seen and felt.
In all this chaos and mixed reactions of my head and heart, I have accepted my body as it is and now work only to make it better with TLC.

So what it is one thing that you are proud of, one may ask. And I finally have the answer – My work ethics and professionalism. I hate hate hate slacking in work. And when I say work , it’s both my office tasks and the book review assignments or any other Job I take up either for money or kind or for a friend. I do not like to Not give my 100 percent to any task. I might am lazy at house chores and it used to take me lot of mental willpower to cook elaborate meals, but give me any task at work or for blog, I will not give you a chance to for a follow up or find faults with the execution. That’s something I am proud of. The hard work and the patience and focus on details that I lack in personal life , I make up for that with my professional abilities. No matter what it takes , I don’t miss deadlines , I provide quality work and always open to learn and adapt to changes with time. That is something no one can take away from me. That’s what I am proud of. Always will be.
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#Thankfulthursday To life ..

The world thrives on stories of hope,
Little cracked,but surviving homes;
I live each moment in awe
From when life picked me first
So out of line, yet so full of want;
You are home to me,my world,
The only constant reminder,
My prayers and wishes answered;
No matter what changes around,
Am blessed;love can be found
If you raise a toast for the gifts
That equally to strangers, you receive to give.
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Today’s prompt by Tina & Amrita’s page for thankful Thursday post is about Home. I have always found home with people and not in places. So this is a verse dedicated to the friends and my husband who have made home in my heart. Also Jamie asked us to write a poem on raising a toast to life. This is my thankful verse for life for the blessings and the constant reminder that there always is love around when you give that freely to others.
Also linking this poem to Open Link night.
Leaving another verse about being light for yourself and others that I am glad I learned some how , even if a little late ..
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Stay blessed !

#Thankfulthursdays One message away

There are lot of stories and ways that technology has made our life simpler. But for the silent and so under confident girl like me, blogging was the first mean to connect to people who understood me and my poetry. And without internet and the various social Media pages possible over the years , I would not have known such kind hearted and inspiring people from around the world. I probably would not have met my husband who I first talked to on Twitter and later became friends and lovers.
When an email arrives from the land of Dutch  , it just brightens my day. I think of the random messages I have got from this lady whom I have not met , yet who is so so aligned to my thoughts and feelings at times when I need them most. When my best friend from USA sends me pics of his newborn kid , it isn’t the same as kissing the little one but it’s a special feeling to feel included. I know it has more to do with people willing to be a part of your world , but hasn’t technology multiplied the possibilities ? A voice note to wake up to , a video call when you want only that one person to be around in the moment , a message to say “I am sorry” .. the pictures , the memories , the stories , you reading them here and I saving them for my old age.. our ancestors too had their ways to pass the knowledge. Of course we are a generation of over sharing maybe , but look at the ways technology connected people when tragedies strike a city or nation. Imagine the power and impact of these connections and shared knowledge.
Isn’t this a truly connected life ?
Isn’t this something to be truly thankful for ?
This post was inspired by the last week’s topic (I had no clue about the current topic and this was a genuine mistake to not check the week when I discovered the hashtag)



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