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A to Z challenge : This is going to be “fun”

the magical bond
sparkled with fairy incense –
Love alone heals us

“This is going to be fun”, She thought to herself and smiled.She packed her bags , loaded the car with lot of food and left to see him.

Unaware of her plans , he struggled through the day , thinking of one good break from everyone around. And everything too. Suddenly it seemed that everyone was only concerned about the wedding. No one asked them , what they wanted , how they wanted their day to be. Everyone had their hopes and dreams to fulfil.

An hour later , she was standing outside his office. She did not have to wait long. Both of them always knew where they would be at any moment.

He hugged her , welcoming the sweet surprise with a huge grin. As he took the keys from her , he saw the packed bags and asked , “Are you going some place tonight ?”

“No , we are going out of town for the night”
“Good. I really need that, you know”

She winked and kissed him ,blushing a little as he looked at her admiringly.

“This is so much fun”, he though to himself and smiled.

A to Z challenge : Praise the “cooks”

candles flickered,
casting fun shadows on wall
hungry eyes look bored.

He was late tonight. The head witch Tracy sat impatiently at the door step waiting for him. The new comers to the witch family , sat impatiently around the dinner table , staring at the food which had gone cold already. Finally footsteps were heard from far away. He was still two streets away when Tracy ordered the candles to be lit and the food to be roasted once more. He liked his meat warm and chewy unlike the rest who did not care a bit for her cooking. And so , she made them wait every night for him. Little did they know , he liked to act important, hence the deliberate delay every night. It was after all a good decision to host the witches , he thought to himself as he entered his house, specially Tracy who loved to cook for anyone who cared to praise her.

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M , yells the prompt rule;
as i split this out of My name –
silently, i Muse to Myself,
Must write on M not “AM”
I gather the words i can recall
starting with M,having M,lots of M !
it gets interesting;
My Mind throws randoM words
but to pick just one ?
or Many tales be spun !

This was prompted @ Poets United [ to take third letter of your name (or pen name) and write on that.

Also submitted to Theme Thursday and G-Man’s Fridayflash55


unsent letters,
lie well hidden
in pockets of
my dreamy desire;
each day unfolds
with renewed hopes
of blessed day
inked in words
scribbled free
in your writing;
past treasure
yellowed gold
laced with
potent future
of being;
letters to link
hands to writing,
thoughts to HIM,
me to myself
or to all maybe…

Written for G-Man’s Friday Flash 55 ,

prompted @ Theme Thursday

Story Part 1 – The Wait

He had been waiting there since morning. He had come prepared for the wait.The solitude was much needed to sort the images and words floating in his head. He could hear the words all around him. The same words that he had over heard all in the town whisper behind his back. He could recall hearing them just yesterday; years after they were once placed next to each other to  form the very sentence that became his life – “He knows not to value”. A meaningless remark for many but not to him. Only he knew the reason it was thrown at him. Only she knew the hurt behind the one sentence. And rest of the world just took it upon themself to say it for any of his action which did not suit the norm.

If he acted indifferent to cause of poor , or refused charity for religious cause , or did not comment on crimes in the neighbourhood , the same sentence followed his footprints. If any new girl in town showed interest in him, which he no longer cared for , she was warned the same way. He was branded a man of motive , with all his actions to be born out of some selfish interest.

One by one he pushed all these thoughts to the back of his mind. The smoke from his expensive cigar clouded his view but illuminated the dust in the damp air. His clothes did not match his wealth neither did his words match his education. Not that he or any on cared. Finally after a wait of an hour, he heard her climbing the steps. He did not turn to look at her; she was doing that he knew. He just smiled as he raised his free hand to give her a slight wave before settling again in front of the door to her house. She smiled at him and entered the house , leaving the door open as an invitation.

Once he closed the door behind him, she yelled from her bedroom, “you had the keys. Why wait outside my door then?”
“To let people know I am here”
“You never did that in all the years that I wanted people to know you still visit me”, she retorted as she entered the kitchen and searched something edible.
“Time has come to put stop to an old gossip”, he said stretching his legs on the couch.
“Or maybe it will give the gossip lovers some more meat” She said pushing his legs down the couch and settling there with leftovers of last night’s dinner.
“I do not care”
“Really ?” she teased him, but he saw the curiosity in her eyes.



(I do not know where this is going. I am not sure when I will write next part but I hope its sooner than a week.All comments about the writing and any scope of improvement are most welcome)


Prompted @ Thursday Tales and Theme Thursday