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A world with you

The only dream of a different world i ever had, was to live with the one i loved [ or so i thought] And so the “new world” always brings these feelings to surface.


It was a silly dream i know
living together forever
love would never have grown
It was a silly dream i know
Seeds of  new world i did sow
now weeds it though gather
It was a silly dream i know
living together forever.

living together with you
It was a silly dream i know
not even a weed to hold to
living together with you
some facts are as untrue
as the challenges they throw
living together with you
It was a silly dream i know

Seeds of  new world i did sow
though no hope i ever had
love would never have grown
Seeds of  new world i did sow
It was a silly dream i know
i wish it was better dead
Seeds of  new world i did sow
though no hope i ever had.


Prompted @ Theme Thursday , March challenge

Her dreams

She would have been loved if people knew who she really was. Dressed always in finest white, Butterflies would hover around her head like rainbow crown. In the middle of the forest was her throne – a swing made of exotic creepers and studded with the stars from the galaxy. Every day she would send out her pet butterflies to the village while she wrote her ideas on the sacred paper – the thin bark from the tree which was touched by a kid. This paper would be later crushed softly within her fingers till it became a fine powder.

Every night she walked into the village to spread this powder on the pillows of the children. New ideas , new paper , new powder , new dreams each night. Every dream carried the magical power of healing – obtained from the paper she wrote on. And each paper in turn was unknowingly blessed with the child who would receive the dream. It was simple – any kid who dared to treavle through the forest trees searching the elusive butterflies would earn his dreams well. The lovely dreams to make you want to turn them true some day. She never wrote dark dreams. That was done by witches of the village and meant only for the adults that sinned.

She was the dream weaver – invisible to adult eyes – but her song could be heard if you dared to dream and believed in them too.

Prompted @ Thursday Tales , Theme Thursday

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Love in another time

Maya fell in love with him the very first time she met him. But she did not know this then. Every time they met , she came more and more impressed with him , his manners , his ideals and his way to live. He was there to help any one who asked , any one who needed but was shy to ask. You just had to tell him about some one in trouble and if he could, he would help. The hours spent talking to him on call , the daily meeting for samosa and tea after college , the movies where he slept throughout, she always looked forward to these moments even if they never were alone. But she lacked the courage to accept that she loved him. Theirs was a group of friends hanging together always, she the most shy of them all but he managed to make her talk. Only he could make her agree to all the stupid plans they made for any free day. But she never realized it. It wasn’t time yet maybe.

Then he proposed her best friend. She had never seen them so happy. And so Maya was happy too. As luck would have it,  the relation lasted less than a month. No reasons asked , no explanations given initially. But he still accepted her calls , talked to her of the day and soon he began to talk of the relation that was , how he wanted it and why it ended. Her best friend resented him talking to Maya and there would be arguments every other day whenever his call came. He cried for weeks – Maya listened patiently. His pain turned into anger – Maya fared through that too. He made work his life – Maya still managed to be there. But still she had no courage to talk to him about herself , about them. She feared rejection. She feared losing the friendship.

And one day he went away for further studies. For few months she still got calls from him, but every time she wanted to say how much she missed him , he talked of her best friend.

Her best friend is married to love of her life . He is lost in folds of time and memories . And Maya is nursing the pain she got for herself.

You are not just a page
in the diary of time I lived
but more like a bookmark
to the time  I lived a lie…

Prompted @ March Challenge [ day 17 – Courage ]  , Theme Thursday [ luck ] , Thursday tale [ image prompt]

Books Read – Feb

From hundred
to seventy five
the target

at times
need challenges too.


This is inspired from my slow reading speed off late but still the desire to read as much !

Prompted @ March Challenge (Day 2 – Reading)

Poetry Form – Septolet

Also submitted to Theme Thursday – Books

And now for some book reviews –



Urban Shots ( 29 urban tales by 13 writers)

 Urban Shots




+ Seperate sections of stories

+ Amazing narration of most stories

+ Fresh ideas and lovely execution

– Some of the stories do not match up but that’s not a let down

Rating : 4.5/5





The Treasured One [dreamers book # 2]

(byDavid and Leigh Eddings)

+ considering the background information provided on each character, you dnt need to read book# 1

+ good plot , good narration and some really witty dialogues

– If the repetition of scenes is going to be there, am not too excited to read book # 3.


Ratings : 3.5 /5



Read on !! 🙂