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Why are we so shy / scared to ask.
Ask questions , permissions and most importantly ask apologies !

I had gone to watch the movie “cloud Atlas” last month. When intermission happened , a couple sitting a few seats away from me came up to me and asked me how the movie began since they were 15 min late to reach the theater. After they had thanked me enough with cute smiles ( both of them seemed to be in college and really young) , I wondered if I would ever do that. I had been to movies a few minute late and even if I never had to ask about the missed scenes , I know I would not ask at all. Even if I can’t make much head of the movie , I will NOT ask some one.

There are other times too when the question is right on the tip of  my tongue but I swallow it back. I do try to ask if i know I can not absolutely function without that information. Else , I let it be , hoping it won’t matter tomorrow.
But it does.

Same is for apologies. The moment you realize it was a mistake on your part , do not let your ego come in between whats the right and best thing to do. Ask forgiveness with an honest heart. Those who ask, shall be forgiven much sooner.

Ask questions or apologies at the first chance. Life doesn’t give you another chance. And even if , it did that , the price is not always low.


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In Life’s journey

the roads pause
even if you do not;
round and round
the landmarks appear;
each experience lead to
same old thoughts;
midway or not –
its the point in life
we never realize
before it has passed
and we find a stranger
suddenly residing
within our heart and mind –
a new you,
prepared for
the new journey ahead…

Prompted @ Carry on Tuesday

Originally inspired by Musical Poetry Prompt : Gordon Lightfoot’s Don Quixote

Independence day !

For the first time , I do not want to type in bold "Happy Independence Day" or smile about all that this nation of mine has to offer me. Not that it has done less for the citizens. It has provided us with a lot of meaningful resources and opportunities too. But what have we given it back ? What have I as a citizen done for the nation ? or even the part I live ?

Till I have a proud answer to that , I just wish each year adds glories to my country and not shame as i have seen in the last years ..

Bless you Inida(ns)

When a woman loves

When a woman loves,
a song I heard one day;
and never knew how I would
relate to it in some way …

I remember not
the signs it detailed,
or the actions of the
lady in love, as singer says;

All I now am left with is
the faint melody
and the fragrances
of that love filled memory.

Those were the days
love rested in words alone
and today I stand
in arms of some one my own.

When a woman loves,
she might just act like me
or do I love and pine
like any woman in love would be.


This poem is inspired by another poem of same name by Blaga.

To belong..

Kuch aisa bana mujhe tu apna ki begaani duniya se ho jaaun ..

[ Make me yours in a way that am alienated from the rest of the world.. ]

Wrote this line inspired by some text i got last evening. And as I sat and read it again, I had the following lines to add :

In search of him
I roam no where
but my heart
a dream
lives in the eyes
faceless being invades
the city of pleasures
and stabs me
with the wait;
to witness reality
however harsh it is
but mine to just live,
his to claim a right
and ours to shape it new.
living parallelly
to me,is his world
haunting my cold days
with darkness of the night;
creating monsters
out of the sweet nothings
we never could exchange ..

Prompted @ OSI , Sunday scribblings

submitted to Poets Rally week 50

Just like me [Mera jaisa tu .. ]

The title “Mera jaisa tu” is a line from one of the songs i have been listening to a lot these days  .. And it translates to : “you are just like me”. And that made me wondering ..

They say opposites attract ! But is it not the similarities that bring two people close ??

what do you have to say about it ??

And below are the lines I wrote last night listening to the same song :

starting from the differences we have,

tracing the journey backwards

through the different views

you and me showed each other

from eyes of heart ,

and voices of soul;

i reach again the same place

where it all began,

from one word to another line,

from one silly comment

to hours of non sense talks,

to smiles , tears , pain and loss,

back to here, where I stand today,

alone yet loved, sad yet strong !

Here is the song if you want to hear :


Submitted to Thursday Poets rally week 49

Often he thinks

Often he thinks,
how she would remember him;
the voice that filled her
or the silence she talked,
the images on her laptop
or the blurred ones in heart,
the kiss of first meeting
or the awkward hug of last,
Will he find himself
Dissected on canvas sheets?
as she tries to paint the feelings
her words failed to express,
Will he be branded as the lava
that burnt into her defenses
and left her marked forever
without fear of consequence.
or will he deserve forgiveness
in the name of forgotten past
and be just a name to her
not even the way she called.
And he laughs loudly
at his desperate thoughts
that walked away to be forgotten
and now desire not to be lost.


This poem was inspired from the lines

“Will he find himself,

Dissected on canvas sheets?”

from a poem by MindlovesMisery .