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Rise beyond routine

While Hawkings toiled
on his ideas about time,
going back and forth
on is own thesis,
all theories need
not be believed,
but proved;he opined.
I wonder at existence,
and the magnanimous
personality one must have
to rise beyond daily
routine and pettiness.
Greatness comes with price,
to be focused always
on the goal unknown,
tracing just the path
as and when it shows,
like a wingless flight.
I marvel at dedication
of people who become legends,
and wish their spirits
would bless me similar,
May I never lose hope
no matter where and how I end.
I watched the movie “Theory of everything” today. And over the weekend, I also watched the Dhoni movie. While watching both , the one thought that resonated all through me was the dedication and never to give up. We stray so easily from our own goals, its not even worth boasting. But this weekend , I decided to put some of the thoughts into action and see where my dreams lead me. Since the birthday month also started, I plan to begin the change process right from today. Hope the next year makes me really wiser with age 😉

Travel time and random observations

At times , we notice things which stay in our memories. Somethings we notice daily without fail or make a habit of noticing every time we pass through same place or meet same person. Maybe useless observations to most people , but still so much fun to you. That is a part of awareness of brain and interaction of different senses at that particular time. More like a context. Like a particular smell will ALWAYS remind you of some one, or a song is associated to some person. Such memory mappings are usually random when they first happen and later we do it consciously. Like I always search for a particular building when I travel from my place to nearest market. I just know when I will cross it and I try to locate if some one has started living there or not.

Now days all around you, we find people busy with themselves – on call , listening to music on earphones , reading, working offline , or sleeping at times. The sleeping ones and the reading ones are excused but for the rest , I feel they are losing so much in the time they are being so busy. Travelling should be treated as a break from every one and everything around. Being occupied all times dulls the senses. Travelling with open mind and senses aware , can be so relaxing and refreshing. One should at times just enjoy the feeling of journey – Each pause and acceleration.

Feel the flow of the vehicle you are in; or the rhythm of your steps as you walk – ’cause that’s how life is best enjoyed. In those few moments we are on our own , and can afford to switch off the world in our hearts.

Bridge-d talks

Breaking the silence of the deserted park, she heard her cell vibrate. A message from him – “Can I get MY Khushi* back?”
She smiled, the first thought being,he finally saw that she has changed.At the same time,she was troubled with the emphasis on “my”. She knew she could not ignore the message, neither was she in the mood to reply yet. She looked down from where she stood, in the center of the bridge.she loved the reflection, the semi arc in and out of water, completing a whole circle. She called it the eye to her heart and soul. Standing on the bridge, she always thought there was another Khushi inside the pond. The one who was just like her but a bit stronger at times.If she was the body and mind, the one in the pond was her heart and soul.She smiled at her own reflection , her soul part and typed the reply, “We both knew the rules.With time, the rules had to change.We knew that too, right ?”

A leaf fluttered from the nearest branch and fell into the pond, disturbing her reflection, like the trouble waves in her heart.
Almost same time, she got another message, “I do not know what to say. Did i offend you or something ?”

It was time she faced her reality. She braced herself against the cold air as she sat down on the bridge, her back against the sun kissed railing, and typed :
“No, its not what you said or what you did not say. Talks of my wedding are going on at home. And with that hunt, the tension is high around me. I just can not concentrate on others right now. Better be left alone.”
A minute passed before the cell buzzed again, “You can not tell me who I should leave alone and when”
He was impossible, she knew, “Neither I intend to do that. I just need to sort my life at this moment, get into the routine of meeting strangers , weighing the pros and cons of any proposal based on I don’t know what, be prepare to be misunderstood at times and still deal with being rejected ’cause I lack the beauty and poise of a lady [ according to my relatives] and when I finally get married,  maybe then, I can try being the one you liked.”
she felt anger pierce the calmness she came for, to this place.
“But you will not be mine, any more.”
“You friend will still be yours.”, she typed, not knowing where that conviction appeared from.
“I shall wait to have her back, then.”
“You could have told me all this before.”

“I know”, she typed but then deleted it. She never was going to tell him any of this. She could not tell it to any person who knew her better than this guy. She stood up straight, done with the weekly dose of contemplation, aided today by his questions. Determined to make the best out of her days, and to not let these feelings come to surface again, she finally inhaled in the beauty and stillness of being in that moment at that lovely place..

With a smile, she wave good bye to her reflection and walked towards home.She had to make true of her name.

*Khushi is one of my favorite names. It means joy/happiness.


Prompted @ 3WW , Sunday Picture Press , Inspiration Monday

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Let’s create time

The first thought i had when i read today’s March Challenge prompt was “I wish I had abundance of time to do everything I want to do” ..  And then i checked Big Tent Poetry’s Prompt on science and i came up with this poem :

Today we will learn
to create some time;
enough to read ,
lot more to write.
Cut procrastination to nil
add free flow of passion,
mix it with some focus
the special kind that’s hard
and one which doesnt lose charm.
Keep your self in sunlight
and move yourself around
till fresh ideas simmer
and force themselves aloud.
Observe , notice and connect,
Read , ideate , read more and rest
stir it with a soft pencil
or your pet colored pen,
create time , create abundance of it
its all in your hands,not magic dear friend.

Turn back time

Her husband did not approve of magic and  She loved him too much to accept doing it – she would be dead without any of them. Today she gave birth to another angel. And now was the time for final act of magic – to make sure she lived with her forever. She became her angel’s twin. 

This story was inspired by the thought of turning back time for yourself – and this was the best i could think of a reason for doing it.

Inspired from the image at Thursday Tales ,

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