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Where the path leads

I only follow the trees. I walk where the path leads me, away from the noises of the traffic, into the forest bordering the busy roads.  The little bridges become my resting stops – taking in the surrounding peace, the music of the water passing below me, the occasional kid on the bike ringing his bell to warn the walkers. I often walk with music plugged in my ears but not when I enter such trails. these trails demand the respect and attention that we humans have stopped paying to nature, not without consequences though.  So I walk; different days, different colors, different company but a single thought – I am blessed to be finally able to appreciate the beauty and the uses of being surrounded by nature. 

holding hands, together
not knowing where the path led
love made me see stars



Inspired by Crimson’s Creative Challenge#34 and linked to Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Poetry challenge



The she-demon was walking through the forest again. He,the dendrologist as people called him now;or the leaves reader as old ones referred to him,smiled as he sensed her close.  The tree fellers would fall.It was a time of rejoice, not panic. Finally justice would be done. He would again have lots of  friends to talk.


Inspired by alpha to Omega challenge , submitted to Friday flash 55

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