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Battle for Love

How does one react
your anticipation
comes to end;
and you stand at
the very crossroads,
you prepared for;

With whom can you share
you wish to laugh
on your own tricky fate,
how the confusions and chaos
makes you care less
of what becomes
in coming days.

How does one curb
the idiotic demon called
“i told you so”
the words are cast,
the veil torn aside,
the battle lines drawn,
love stands alone
in the ego clash.


I can only try to write what I am going through. Hope it helps to heal and comfort me and my thoughts.


Written for Trifecta ( Anticipation ) & Two shoes Tuesday ( Share)


“I didn’t mean it”
she whispered,
“but it was sinister”.
“just for that moment”
she argued further.
but he didn’t turn.
Sarcasm was content,
doubts danced around.
Love lost another game –
her goodness forgotten
for the night; at least.


Margo asked us to explore emotions and I wanted to express one dark moment when my doubts did make me almost lose a friend. Also , linked to Trifecta for the first time ( I can’t believe I did finish this in 33 + words)