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Love for him ..

One word that repeats

in all its pages –

LOVE : different days,

different ways,

for different people

my heart did sway..

But did you not know

the pattern that was

of liking and failure

the emotional contrast..

dear notebook, I know

you gave me signs

of potential troubles

much before time..

you even wrote in bold

the true feelings i had

but could you not teach

the mind to not go mad..

of HIM i think so much now

but do I ever stand a chance

to let him hear my doubt

where in his life do I stand ?

Prompted @ OSI [ notebook]

Praises : Stone#5 #aros

“You are the enigmatic one”

“You can make a moment interesting in life”

“Your happiness add smiles to others”

These and few more pearls of praise spill out of my memories – the most exquisite compliments any one ever gave me !
Sigh !
I string them now and then, bead upon bead into a hand held necklace; to chant them every time i lose myself among doubts.
Your words never let me down ; and in turn i promise myself never to let your compliments down !