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Think before,not after you speak

The damage was done,
No matter how I thought,
The words had left my side,
And correctly hit the wrong spot.
It wasn’t a lie that i had told,
But who knows the truth well,
Did i act on personal bias,
Who would be able to ever tell ?
Maybe no one would remember it
Or reject it as random theory,
But i would never be vocal again
Untill i believe the facts,not a story.
I was asked my opinion about a colleague today and i said what i had jeard or felt about him. I personally think he did not acted immaturely many times and had wrong impression on other team members too but still I feel i should hve restricted my thoughts a bit. I can not undo this but sure it was a valuable experience.  I suddenly recall a quote thay goes something like this ~
Before you speak , check what you going to say is true , necessary and kind.
What i said today wasnt exactly kind.

uncomfortably yours

The truth-
any version of it
is not
but the acceptance;
call it sinful
or feelings
i must be ashamed of,
mock my heart
or give standing ovation
for the courage;
brush my ideas
into cans of hopelessness
or fuel them
with your undirected anger;
I am what we desired
not; neither what you imagine,
I am for you – you are for me –
we are everything –
born from


Prompted @ OSI , Sunday Scribblings