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A little while

Venus and The Sailor, 1925, by Salvador Dali

A little while,
more my love,
he whispers in my dreams
A little while
is all I need,
before this dreams cease to be;
A little while
you must wait
his unhurried touch speaks
a little while
is all I have
to let you know how I feel;
a little while
I understand
I have to make myself believe
Many of these
little while
is what life turns out to be.

Prompted @ The Mag , Carry on Tuesday , Sunday Scribblings


What do I wait for,

do i really know not,

the unsaid remains so,

some feelings don’t grow.

Why did I wait so long

when signs clearly told

it was no good to hope,

you I could ever hold.

Why I could not stop

these lines to show

what I hide from all,

who I still wait for ?

Guess its not my call

to decide and move on;

I shall never be home

unless you mark me yours.

Prompted @ OSI.

submitted also to Open Link night.

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Intezaar ka rang , Izhaar ka rang

(This is a hindi post)

pyaar ka ek aur rang aaj chatak kar mere upar bikhar gaya . Kisi ke izhaar ne mere izhaar aur ikraar ke khwaabon ko hawa de di . Jitni baar ye dil kisi par aaya  , iske tootne ke dar se zubaan khaamosh rahi . kabhi khud se darti thi , kabhi duniya ki baaton se. Fir us se mulakaat hui jisne har dar se ladna seekha diya , siwa ek ke. aaj bhi khaamosh nazron se aankhein churaata  hai dil. Ek awaaz wo de , duniya ko bataye ki maine apna saathi dhoond liya .. aise hi din ke intezaar me dil aahein bharta hai .. tab tak doosron ke rango se khel karta hai …

Mere intezaar ka rang gehraata hai , izhaar ke rang ki fariyaad karun ??