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Wake up

Dreams , maybe not
Of your fingers on me
Smiles on you

Messages of morning
Of love , longing and care
Of rosy reality

Wishes like prayer
Whispered to pillow so soft
Like your heart.

Finally the call
Out of dream to real
You are mine.

This is collum lune. Inspired by sunday mini challenge at imaginary toads. Also linked to sunday scribblings.

I am awake

Hands search the slim mobile
only to see it snuggled by my side
open an eye to note the time
yawn and into blanket i dive.

Few minutes later i half awake
much time it usually doesnt take
to switch on the laptop by my bed
oh and also,the texts to be read

A morning tweet,a hello on chat
and then to the mom’s call
a song selected to play in loops
finally out of bed,out of room.

Stand in the balcony,admire the day
smile lazily,as new plans I make.
And then i proceed to kitchen
am not awake yet,not without tea.


Prompted at We write Poems , Also submitted to One Shot Wednesday