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Red is for you

From my wedding day

The day I first loved this color;
buying bangles, dress, jewelry
everything in shades of gold & red –
the auspicious color of traditions,
of tying two hearts & fates together
of prayers, wishes, hopes and dreams
A symbol of me being with you
for next seven lifetimes
a mark of me belonging
not just you, but a new life
of passion, of loyalty, of honor
The day I first picked this dress,
I realized the power of red
to change a nervous lover
into the most confident bride.

Written for DVerse Poets prompt : Red

Lost & Found

The card came in the morning.”Happy Wedding anniversary darling” was all it read . No flowers , no gifts to accompany it. She kept it on the table and read it every time she crossed it. Some times she simply stopped her chores and read the words. His words. After so many years together , she was not amazed to receive the card. But she knew the words had no weight. She felt a feeling of loss. why was she trying to find a meaning for her life in these words ?

The divorce happenned that weekend. He married her best friend the next.

No wedding without him

That wasn’t supposed to happen. The wedding could not happen without him. And yet, there was no news of his whereabouts. 12 Hours before she sat in front of the sacred fire, she was excited and nervous like all brides but not for the life that awaited her. She was anxious to see him, to see his smile as she appeared in her wedding attire and his “i knew it” eye roll. She smiled at the thought while keeping an eye on her phone.

It suddenly lit up. A message from him

“You sure about this ?”

“Do not be late” , she texted back
“You deserve better than me, I repeat.”
“I know, you have said it enough times”
“I left you so many times”
“and yet you returned each time”
“This time was the longest”
“3 years.Thanks for returning. See you tomorrow.”
“It will be a pleasure to see you married finally”
“Yeah, and to free you from me”
“Wow. I can date any number of girls after tomorrow”
“Sure, Just send me the best stories”
“You still the same.Shameless and fun”
“Like always.Bye now. I need my beauty sleep”
“Love you princess. Hope your prince treats you better than me”

She did not want to reply to that.She did not know what to say.

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Diane challenged me with “You deserve much better than me.” and I challenged Michael with “A bottle and a glass together changed the night for her; something even his smile could not”

Also linked to Inspiration Monday [ That wasn’t supposed to happen ]

Sacred joys


Together one evening
with friends and family,
Sapid with joys and celebrations,
the air full of sacred blessings,
the pious flames dancing,
heart , head and soul
ready for the new life’s calling,
her shy smiles fail to hide
the beat of her love filled heart,
your caring hold on her hands
as you make promises to be there
in times to come, good or bad.

Jan 2012. The darkness of winters will be challenged by the warm smiles and lights in that corner of my town. My best friend will hold the hands of his love and lead the way into a new life. This time, I would be there, along with other friends – a bunch of people knowing each other from school , waving in and out of each other’s life and yet never far from heart and mind.

Yay ! Next month is my best friend’s wedding. And after missing almost every one’s wedding for one reason or another, I will be attending this one. Am so excited to meet all friends and some of their partners too ! And to dress up and go have a dance on the floor !


January , you look promising my love.



Written for Months of the year challenge#2  , Carry on tuesday , Sunday Scribblings , OSI

“I do”

For love they live,
and dreamed so,
walking together
the blessed way
to be other’s shadow
in dark or day;
to feel and appreciate,
all the more; forever.
where words would float
in the blink of eye,
and silent smiles
fill the gaps –
of fingers entwined
like symbol of souls
bonded together as one.




Blame me for being so NOT reading , I missed the grand celebratory news about my favorite poetess and inspiration “Eclipse of the Moon” as she stood as a bride for her love Stefan !

Congratulations to you both !!

And bless you with all joys 🙂

Submitted to G-Man’s Friday Flash 55