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This post is a way to express my unsaid feelings for few people. So i dedicate this to following special ones in my life :

One who made me laugh so much to make me forget a bad day,

One who made me cry so much that i was empty of pain;

One who listened to me so well that i felt all important

One who refused to acknowledge me,adding to my strength;

One who wiped my silent tear,gathering my battered soul

One who turned his back on me,it lead me to newer hopes.

One who loved, cared, loves and will always try to be so

Also to those who made me weak, remember i still love you all.


Inspired by #LettersIneverWrote hashtag on twitter by canis poeticus.

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It was your fault to wish for death;we too don’t like raging up suddenly”snapped the waves to the lover,who had lost his girl few days back.

Prompted @ Microfiction Monday


My hard realized lesson for this week again is something i learn, forget and need to re-learn in life :

“YOU don’t DESERVE,if you beg”

Be it love, money,success or just anything you have to beg for, realize you don’t deserve that ! Maybe you deserve better or maybe do not deserve it at that particular time, Bottom line : The effort not worth it !

Remember this and you might be happy most times 🙂

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