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Wake up

Dreams , maybe not
Of your fingers on me
Smiles on you

Messages of morning
Of love , longing and care
Of rosy reality

Wishes like prayer
Whispered to pillow so soft
Like your heart.

Finally the call
Out of dream to real
You are mine.

This is collum lune. Inspired by sunday mini challenge at imaginary toads. Also linked to sunday scribblings.

Happy New Year

Another year full of high and lows
some we will cherish,some not;
some days that gave us joys
some that killed all hopes;
we survived them all,
keeping friends and family close;
Making smile a habit at times
greeting it even in time of woes;
may the days to come shine the same
and keep getting better always…

Happy New year 🙂

Also wanted to share this very inspiring song :


Priceless friends

Many words, öne reason.To claim back from you, the dreams you extracted out of me. Like the water drop that does not know it can fill the sky with a rainbow. You were that light in me. You never found flaws in me but a beauty in imperfection. You never shied away from letting me know how much difference i made to your life every day. Your words i would cuddle up to each night and imagine to wake up in your hug. To sleep talking to you was a luxry i loved. All this for just being myself.

And each day since you left, i searched for that comforting hug. In vain i heard what people said to me but no words opened the locks in my heart. Unless in the same month, different year, i met the friend who like you filled my life with similar joys. A real one to take your virtual place, a shy and witty creature like you but a lot more caring. Even the tears shared with him, make me strong as he holds my hand. My fears and doubts flee from the trust he shows in me. And i often wonder whose prayers took form. You sent your shadow and soul to hold me while i await for the final leap of faith.No comparisons, no similarities would have prepared me for this wonderful time. But I do hope you know i will always cherish you and the friend you hoped for me. you both make my past and present respectively and yet you so effectively shape my future. 


All for you, as much and more than what you gave me.

This is dedicated to two of my best friends.

Also submitted to Months of the year challenge – September

Seasonal ..

there is sadness
and then there it is not;
there is randomness
and yet it really is not;
you have no reason
but still you feel so lost;
you call it a season
when all you know feel so.

Well Its a season of festivals going on in my part of the world.. lot of colors , smiles , gifts and all things dazzling. and yet, i wrote this verse today evening as i sat alone. and I realize its a seasonal thing for me , this lonely feeling in middle of celebrations. I celebrate loneliness ’cause that’s who I am, who I will be and who is the strength of my life. Cheers !

And on that note, Wish you all a very happy diwali !!

Happy Friendship Day

Some moments fade
with time and distances..
Some faces become memory
treasured in fences..
Some people you forgot
while some left you behind
but nothing can erase
fragments of that time..
when the dust settles
and skies are clear again
I will love to see you around
Maybe you have nothing
or no feeling to share
but will you even forget
the bond and the name ?

Happy Friendship day to all my readers and friends !!
Bless you all and your friendship with all your loved ones !

I wish

I wish I wish
I had no more to wish
but could better learn
to pray that i could earn
what i really deserve
or whats been reserved.

I know I know
every year i grow
not just in numbers
on wisdom too i stumble
through self taugh lessons
or when circumstances threatened

I want I want
to each day chant
“I can always do best”
in all that comes as a test
of my strength and brain
And find joys within my pain.


Written for wishylissy-for-2011 hosted by Riika

And here i really wish for myself in 2011 :

To be happy with what life brings my way, no matter what others have to say.

To read more that I write; To hear more than i talk.

To sleep more than i dream; To work more than it demands.

To travel more than i plan;To be with my family whenever i can.

Happy 2011 and God bless you all with your wishes