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Sapna ( hindi poem ) + English Translation

rozmarra sa din,
aaj kuch alag lagne laga
wo chai ka pehla pyaala
kuch jyaada chalakne laga
subah ki kirne dekhe arsa ho gaya
fir bhi suraj aaj dastak dene laga
aankhein kholi to tum dikhe
sapna achanak se sach lagne laga.


(Inspired from another poem’s title)





another usual day,

suddenly appeared so bright;

the first taste of morning tea

tripped a bit more on mind;

sunrise is not my time

yet the sun welcomed with smiles;

you I found next to me in bed

no wonder the dream appeared so right.

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Where I wish to live

Some one asked me to imagine being on a star and be able to see all and everything in the universe. Not the inhabitants, but everything else. No one asks such questions these days, not since some one last asked me, where would i want to visit in my dreams. So I was out of practice when this question was asked. I replied, I want a sparkling neat and calm river, trees of coolest shades, grass of softest green and flowers of all shades, and ofcourse night time to last always. Darkness studded with golden lights and filled with air that shimmers as I move. A lovely corner set up with books and chairs for myself to spend my time.

And I deliberately skipped having a small lake with rocks beside it. I thought of having not to live alone but with some one who loved me, but did not say. I wanted to have a kitchen to myself and all fresh vegetables to cook each night, but I knew I would not like that alone. I wanted to have a velvet bedspread to lie down next to you and make images from the stars. I would love to have a glass dining table with just two chairs. I want pen and papers abound to scribble such fairy tales together and leave them for the winds to carry to far off places. I did not say all these, for I was scared to want more than I deserved. Even in my dreams.

Dreaming all that felt so normal. More than I knew. Maybe it was ’cause you only asked me this question, Something normal people do not !