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the winds decide to drop
the words and wishes in your lap
solitude talks loud..

Lonely I am, not the memories
neither i share this with my dreams;
you will be back one day,
so screams even the hurting distances

(These lines are translation of the following lines i wrote in my native language Hindi, long back on margins of a novel i was reading.)

tanha mai hoon,yaadein nahi,
na hi khwaab akele rehte hain;
tum aaogi laut kar ek din,
mujhse ye faasle kehte hain…


Submitted to Z to A challenge – S

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This post is a way to express my unsaid feelings for few people. So i dedicate this to following special ones in my life :

One who made me laugh so much to make me forget a bad day,

One who made me cry so much that i was empty of pain;

One who listened to me so well that i felt all important

One who refused to acknowledge me,adding to my strength;

One who wiped my silent tear,gathering my battered soul

One who turned his back on me,it lead me to newer hopes.

One who loved, cared, loves and will always try to be so

Also to those who made me weak, remember i still love you all.


Inspired by #LettersIneverWrote hashtag on twitter by canis poeticus.

Submitted to Z to A challenge – D , Re-blogged for One Shot Wednesday

Poetry of titles

Weaving words in my head
a bridge of elemental thoughts
a festival of dream chase,
memory, the forever friends,
inspiration – colors in life,
For life is the muse of beauty.

If i would be some one else,
i prefer the things change not,
Poetry for me is a lesson (f)or lost,
me and blogs,young by God’s grace
a match of head and heart,
road to bliss,reason to smile.

faith i keep,in what i write
ripples of hopeless moments
I let go like,not clasp like outcast,
qualified yet am not,to stand proud
’cause Life is a untiring struggle
am trying,and awarded alike.

This is a poem i wrote from the title of all my previous posts. Dedicated to Netsonix for the idea of this post.

Submitted as part of One Stop Poetry’s One Shot Wednesday

And now an announcement of a challenge : Months of a year challenge

Collabrative Write

One of the best conversation is one which flows without effort – towards new horizons and ideas .. And i have such poetic banter with Preeti often. This is our latest and one of the best talks in recent times –

strangers now : wondering who : you to me : me to you : we to us #gogyohka

strangers we were : how we met : fell in love : fell apart too soon : and strangers we are again

stranger we are not though, to feelings that rust my heart, to ideas polluting the mind, a soul sold to cupid

cupid is not to blame: he’s the excuse we find: he’s not the one who made me love you: blame me and only me

love is a game, we fell in trap, we could not entertain much, an hence we part #poetry

don’t call my love a game, don’t call it a trap, its not some entertainment it was how I felt, don’t part away just now..

i played , i made the traps, only to be lost, in the maze you set, true or not, love hurt us both

no words to refuse you , none to refuse myself from the hurt, you do not deserve me, no words to tell how less i did

you lose me here dear l for love is what i never will know ; it eludes me as much as i seek ; so now i just let it be


Submitted to Z to A challenge – C

And now an announcement of a challenge : Months of a year challenge


Do not,dare you,
ever think of me
broken- not yet;
not unless i see you lose
in the maze you designed
and trapped me in;
not unless i know myself
how lonely is your end
or the pain you lived in
i sear i can not regret
neither will i pretend.
I hate to hate you
even when you leave
but this wasn’t my idea
you get what you bargained !


Written for Z to A challenge – E , Submitted to One Shot Wednesday

Forever friends

Years of neglect had taken away the shine – rust and dust competed to eat what ever was left of it. But sometimes the substance you put into making lasts all this and more.These are the trophies that never cease to make you proud. Like the few friends you can count never to lose with time.




Prompted @ Magpie Tales

Submitted to Z to A challenge – F , Fridayflash 55


Call it lame, or the easy way out, i have decided to make this a Gogyohka post 😀


Poetry i seek
does it qualify me
an apprentice
when will I qualify
to seek poetry


A gloomy day
a windy day on that
can you not blow
few warm thoughts
packed in your smile


how can magic not happen,
if you ever loved some one
true or not,long or short,
wasn’t it a fairy tale moment
when the first thought came undone.


Prompted @ OSI , Carry On Tuesday , Poetry Potluck ,

Submitted also to Z to A challenge – G , One shot Wednesday

and for those who are on twitter, check some of the most wonderful gogyohka poetry here


Often we miss people who are far from us (physically at times and sometimes out of all contact) , but have you ever missed the way you felt when the person you think was around –  ever wanted to be touched again the way that magical moment happened. To bask in the warmth of that hug which moved you most ! The one moment that sealed your bond with the other person – be it friend, lover or your girlfriend.

The tears wiped on the other shoulder,

the bear hugs on surprise gifts and visits,

the understanding “jaadoo ki jaffi(hug)” without reason or time,

the fitting 5 people in place for 3 at night outs,

the talks shared in the balcony of friend’s place in a clear night,

the hug of your irritating teenage stinking brother,

the conscious hug my dad gave me when i left for college,

the farewell hugs(each one was as hurting) ,

the >:D< , the #twugs and so on…


like stranger senses work
recreate the memories at will
the voids in heart filled


Submitted to Z to A challenge – H , Haiku Heights , Sunday Scribblings

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Monday knocks with poetry pot(luck)
some well versed, some random thoughts
on sunday (I) scribbled on few of my dreams
and memories’ lot. My one (single) impression
on words we hear oft, all this and more i find
when i reach One Shot (Wednesday)
Three words and an images roll
(thursday)some  tales will be spun
if friday flash 55 is to be made fun
Some times i dwell in the big tent (poetry)
and walk along the (poetry) rally too
Imperfect Prose touches my heart
and yet at times haiku(heights) gives me a start.
how can I ever be out of ideas and words
when all these stand as my blog’s best friend.

By now you must have realized this is a compilation of all the prompts i attempt every week. These are the biggest reason for me not to have had a break till now. Thank you.

Written for Z to A challenge – I

PS : All these prompt sites are linked in my sidebar under “inspired by” section.