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“Wh” Questions

Who am I really ?
When will i achieve my destiny ?
Where will i find the love meant for me ?
Why do things not happen the way I want ?
Whom did i hurt when i lived without care ?

And the list of questions starting like this goes on endless. But how often do we wonder on “How” ? And more specifically the hows of future ?
From today i pledge to replace every “W” question with a “how” one.

How to define myself ?
How to achieve what I want ?
How do I keep my heart open for love and not otherwise ?
How can I make things work for me ?
How should I apologize for the wrong i did ?

And suddenly I see all answers lie within me. All it needs is to be

– Be true to one self
– Remain honest to others
– Know your weakness
– Use your strength
– Love yourself
– Hate the fact that you “hate something”


bla blah blah !!! Haven’t we all read such words before ?? How long do we remember then even !! Not unless we need that kick again to rise and shine. I wrote this post as a reminder to my pledge , a cement to my ideas on being productive even in thoughts !

I repeat my promise
that I made to myself
the same person i meet
from other side of mirror –
empty eyes search me
a lonely smile taunts me
and i promise (again)
i will keep you happy
oh yes, i will make sure
you do not shy from any one.

So the last but not the least thought for tonight, Don’t just read or write about what you want and how to have it, ACT !! Make your dreams come true. And if they don’t, have the assurance you tried your best at least.

Written for Z to A challenge.

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You, me and blogs

YOU, my xenagogue
one i never would see or hear
know i love to read you.

xenodochial YOU,
never cease to charm with words
my ideas heed to you.

A xenodochium
for all of us – bloggosphere,
directions ? lead on !

Prompted @ Z to A challege

Also submitted to Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Glossary :
xenagogue – guide; someone who conducts strangers
xenodochial – hospitable; kindly to strangers
xenodochium – building for the reception of strangers

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And since this post is about blogging, i thought its the best place to include here my latest award from Jingle :

Poet of September Runner up
Poet of September Runner up

Thank you !! 🙂